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FOUNDREAM is a brand name owned by Guangzhou International Technology Co., Ltd. engaged in the new interior decoration materials industry for house. FOUNDREAM is centred on healthy, harmony, high efficiency products at affordable price to provide environment-friendly and fast installation decoration materials for customers. Our main products are new type of building materials such as Ecological Door, Integrated Instant Installation Fiberboard ( 3IF ), Integrated Aluminum Ceiling Panel and so on. All of the products are formed by using the advanced technology to get more attractive effect. With integrated feature it provide a good solution for fast house decoration. They can be widely used in family houses, offices, hotels, churches, restaurants, bars, KTVs, leisure clubs, hospitals, schools and other places and environments.  For a long time, FOUNDREAM has focused on the sales and application of new environment-friendly building materials. The excellent quality, professional service, and good reputation of FOUNDREAM have attracted customers from all corners of the globe. In the spirit of sincerity and mutual win, FOUNDREAM looks forward to more cooperation from friends from all over the world!

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