• Family Aluminum ceiling-pattern-LSZL
  • Family Aluminum ceiling-pattern-LSZL

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INTEGRATED ALUMINUM CEILING PANEL home typeWhat is an aluminous gusset plate material ? The aluminum gusset plate is made of aluminum alloy plate, which is obtained by cutting, shearing and molding. The surface of the aluminum gusset plate is processed by various coatings to obtain various aluminum gusset products.Due to its color, decoration and durability, aluminum gussets are widely used in outdoor decoration and interior ceiling decoration, etc. It is a new generation of gypsum ceiling and pvc ceiling decoration materials.Especially suitable for kitchen / bathroom / balcony / living room ceiling, the service life of more than 30 years!



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1.       How can we see physical samples

       We have showroom in Abuja , We attend some trade fair in some Africa countries and we can send        some samples to you if you are serious in this business with us.

2.       How do we make the deal

We have some stock in our Abuja warehouse in Nigeria ,  If the order is not big , customer pay to our nigeria company  we supply to the customer , if the order is big customer can pay to our china company account at FOB price , we arrange  goods for customer by ship with container or groupage.

3.       What is the payment method

Telegraphy Transfer , customer pay USD to our company account in china
Customer pay Naira to our Nigeria company accountL/C  ( Letter of Credit )

4.       What about the installation.

4.1   we will provide video on the installation
4.2   If the project is complex we will offer a training on the installation.   
4.3   Our technician can assist the installation

5.       What are the advantages of your company on these products.

5.1  Our team know Nigeria market , we customize our products to reduce unnecessary cost and  meet Nigeria market demand
5.2  We have our own factory that produce these products to ensure our customer to get  the first hand price.
5.3 We have office or partner in Nigeria , Kenya , Ethiopia to enable to to service our customers

For more questions, please contact us by phone or email.

Guangzhou International Technology Co. , Ltd.
Contact person: Mr. Chen
TEL/WHATSAPP:+86 18574606855




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