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  • 3IF customizing for you

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"FOUNDREAM" Integrated Instant Installation Fiberboard ( 3IF )The Integrated Instant Installation Fiberboard ( 3IF ) is an integrated whole house decoration solution for the disadvantages of home decoration pollution and cumbersome processes. The wood-plastic fiber is used as the main material and extruded at high temperature. Apart from the same color and pattern features of the wallpaper and paint, its biggest feature is that the material can be mounted directly to the wall without plaster the wall. After installation it shows strong three-dimensional, concave surface . In addition, the material is harder than PVC, it is waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, can be clean with water when get dirty. It can be used for both wall and ceiling. It is a replacement product of wallpaper and paint in interior decoration.

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Product advantages

"Foundream" integrated wallboard colors and more, can be customized, super hard, stylish and beautiful, elegant and beautiful appearance! Completely replace wallpaper, wall paint, Baker powder, diatom mud...Can be assembled, assembled and used, fast and convenient, subvert the traditional!
The transformation of the traditional wall surface decoration upgrade to three-dimensional multi-level decoration effect, sublimation, release space!The rough walls need no treatment, they are ready to use, safe and environment-friendly. No painting, no scraping, no bare wall mounting, no 50 percent renovation costs, and a 70 percent construction period! Easy to install, after a simple technical training can get started, completely changed the traditional old family scraping, wallpaper, paint the traditional decoration of the old process.


Fire / moisture / waterproof / insect / durable!
Raw material bamboo fiber plus PVC, laminating technology, surface coating imported 16 drawing, use more wear-resistant, there will be no skinning phenomenon!Easy to scrub, not easily deformed: anti-oil and anti-soil treatment level, can be wiped with a rag or mop when cleaning, can also be washed with water will not be deformed. Products can have "long-term use in the water", strong impact resistance, no cracking and other characteristics.
The product does not contain formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful gases, no radiation, no pollution, environmental protection and health, 0 formaldehyde, nontoxic and odorless decoration, can be immediately admitted!
The environmentally friendly materials bamboo fiber, microcrystalline powder and polymer membranes are molded using the international advanced production technology, one-time hot pressing and bonding technology.It meets the national environmental protection standards, does not contain benzene, formaldehyde, cyanide and other harmful substances, and has the characteristics of sound-absorbing insulation. It can be used in environments with bad weather conditions and large temperature differences, without deformation or embrittlement, and with stable performance.
"Foundream" integrated wallboard: low-carbon life: heat preservation, heat insulation, quiet noise, privacy, and privacy!
Compared with the same use of the environment, the temperature difference between the wooden decorative panels differs by 7 degrees, and there is a difference of 10 degrees compared to the wallpaper and the painted decorative surface!Soundproofing is 29 decibels, more than 13 decibels more than a 25-cm wall, which solves the noise from the outside, the privacy of living and the noise from offices (such as conference rooms)!

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1.       How can we see physical samples

       We have showroom in Abuja , We attend some trade fair in some Africa countries and we can send        some samples to you if you are serious in this business with us.

2.       How do we make the deal

We have some stock in our Abuja warehouse in Nigeria ,  If the order is not big , customer pay to our nigeria company  we supply to the customer , if the order is big customer can pay to our china company account at FOB price , we arrange  goods for customer by ship with container or groupage.

3.       What is the payment method

Telegraphy Transfer , customer pay USD to our company account in china Customer pay Naira to our Nigeria company accountL/C  ( Letter of Credit )

4.       What about the installation.

4.1   we will provide video on the installation 4.2   If the project is complex we will offer a training on the installation. 4.3   Our technician can assist the installation

5.       What are the advantages of your company on these products.

5.1  Our team know Nigeria market , we customize our products to reduce unnecessary cost and  meet Nigeria market demand 5.2  We have our own factory that produce these products to ensure our customer to get  the first hand price. 5.3 We have office or partner in Nigeria , Kenya , Ethiopia to enable to to service our customers

For more questions, please contact us by phone or email.

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